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And the reason why coffee is so important!

Let’s have a coffee

In Norway, we go on coffee visits to each others houses. In Brazil, you are offered a cafezinho (small coffee) wherever you go, either for business or just visiting friends. But the coffee is just one part of it. The most important is the conversation.

A lot of business has been done over a cup of coffee. Many friendships has been formed. And a lot of problems has been solved.

It is a beautiful foundation to build on, and that is why the interviews for this program is a conversation while having a cup of coffee.

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This is your host

My name is Svein Wisnæs. I am Norwegian, but currently live in the mountains of Brasil between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
It is an area with beautiful nature, and very close to some of the best coffee producers in Brazil!

My whole life has been about media and communication in some form. I got my first camera when I was 15 years old and have been creating images since then. After a while, the interest for audio and video increased, and I ended up working in the broadcast TV area for more than 20 years.

Over the years, I have met a lot of great people, listening to their stories and realising how fortunate I really am. I have also been around some fantastic friends and colleagues that have been willing to share their knowledge.

Being creative

We are all creative in one way or another. Some use their creativity to make music, paint, write books or make movies. Others use it to solve problems in their daily life, manage companies or think about the theory of relativity.

These programs serve at least two purposes. In Itajubá, Brazil, it is a possibility for English learners to listen to something in English. But at the same time, it gives insight into the lives of the guests and inspire to be more creative in every possible situation.

How do you use your creativity? Get in touch by using the form on the contact page and tell us!

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